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Event Security | Best Practices to Minimize Risks

Event Security | Best Practices to Minimize Risks

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Event security in Los Angeles requires more than just hiring a few security guards to patrol your event. The process of minimizing risks is quite complex and requires extensive risk evaluation, event coordination, communication, and planning. 

Evaluate Your Risks 

For any event, evaluate your risks in light of the type and location of your venue as well as the type of event, and who will be attending. All of these factors will impact the number of patrol units, armed and unarmed standing guards, or discreet coat and tie guards. 

Common Risk Factors Include:

  • Crime rates
  • Spectators
  • Large venue
  • Venue configuration 
  • Difficulty in securing facility
  • Need for physical security to protect sensitive information/IT security
  • Possible attendee risks/suspicious guests/disruptors

Determine Your Security Objectives

Today, event security objectives are shifting. As we emerge from the COVID-19 crisis, security for many events includes monitoring for adherence to health safety practices such as wearing a mask, in addition to more traditional physical security risks. Determining your key safety objectives is critical to the successful deployment of your security guards.  Once you know your expectations, you can hire the right types of guards, communicate the expectations, and have them fulfilled. 

Common Event Security Objectives Include:

  • Crowd control
  • Troublesome guests and unruly behavior
  • High-profile guest protection
  • Damage and vandalism prevention
  • Threat of violence
  • Crisis response

Hire Qualified Professionals

One of the most important factors in successful event security is choosing qualified professionals. Within the security industry, the level of training, industry experience, skill sets, and service offerings among event security providers will vary. To find the most qualified professionals, consider these factors:

  • Knowledge of the area
  • Understanding of high-profile people and events
  • Response management
  • Strength of the team
  • Comprehensiveness of services
  • Training
  • Level of communication

The Gates Security Difference

Gates Security is a privately owned,multi-security company serving multiple areas across Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. Specializing in high-profile properties, people, and events, we offer highly-trained security professionals and the latest in security technologies. Call us today to schedule a free consultation. 805-499-6555

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